Kenton & Holly – Surprise Proposal!

I have to give it up to Kenton! His surprise proposal to Holly was amazing! It took place at the Mandarin Oriental Bar here in Las Vegas. The ring was placed within the dessert platter they ordered, and when the waitress brought over the silver platter, and lifted up the lid, there was Holly’s engagement ring! She was totally surprised and shocked! Shoot, I was surprised and shocked and I knew what was HAPPENEING! Haha! What a great night! I wish you two the best of luck! Enjoy ;)

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Nancy & Dapple

Nancy and Dapple are two peas in a pod! Dapple is 12 years old and still feisty as ever! Well, maybe feisty isn’t the word to use, but she definitely had a ton of energy on this photo shoot! We tried forever to get her to lay down, but she would have none of it! Such a cute pup. Enjoy! ;)

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