Jay & Lil – Married!

Jay and Lil had to be one of the cutest couples I have photographed! They have been together for 5 years and they came to Las Vegas from Albuquerque, New Mexico to make it official! The weather wasn’t playing very nice with us as it started to DOWN POUR in the middle of the shoot! But their fun and lively spirit made it so much fun to capture! I heard rain on your wedding day is good luck, so  these two will have plenty of luck to last a life time! Congratulations you two! Enjoy! ;)

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Rachael & Mark – Married!

I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Rachel and Mark! I nearly had a heart attack when the zipper on her dress broke…but BRAIDEMAIDS to the rescue! They worked on the broken zipper for about 25 minutes until they decided to sew the dress on her! Her dress came out fantastic! We lost quite a bit of light for the ceremony, but everything worked out beautifully! Congrats you two love birds! Enjoy this sneak peak! ;)


IMG_9825 IMG_9830 IMG_9838-2 IMG_9841-2 IMG_9871-2 IMG_9877-2 IMG_9885-2 IMG_9991-2 IMG_0017-2 IMG_0067-2 IMG_0087-2 IMG_0091-2 IMG_0094-2 IMG_0136-2 IMG_0189-2 IMG_0199-2 IMG_0257-2 IMG_0368-2 IMG_0538-2 IMG_0559-2 IMG_0586-2 IMG_0594-2 IMG_0600-2 IMG_0679-2 IMG_0688-2 IMG_0689-2 IMG_0690-2 IMG_0695-2 IMG_0821-2 IMG_0860-2 IMG_0877-2 IMG_0949-2 IMG_0961-2 IMG_1248-2 IMG_1254-2