I had the amazing pleasure and opportunity to photograph one of Las Vegas’ awesome restaurants. Eat is location in downtown Las Vegas across the way from Container Park. Chef Natalie Young let me into her restaurant after hours so I could get some shots of her amazing restaurant. If you are ever in the downtown area for breakfast or lunch, stop by and eat at EAT! Enjoy ;)

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Trey and Taylor: Surprise Proposal

This gorgeous gorgeous couple is from Mississippi.  Trey contacted me a few weeks ago to set up this surprise proposal! He did it a 5pm right when the Fountains of Bellagio started dancing! It was one of the most beautiful moments! Taylor was totally surprised and in shock! The poor thing was shaking a good 5 mins after he slipped that beautiful ring on her finger! They were such a wonderful couple and I enjoyed working with them very much! Best wishes you guys! Enjoy! ;)

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