The Bonzo Family

I had a ton of fun playing around with Amy’s family at Cornerstone park! She is a family photographer herself, but as most photographers know, its SO HARD to get pictures of your OWN family! I was more then a happy to help her out! Enjoy! ;)

IMG_5346-2 IMG_5352-2 IMG_5370-2 IMG_5382-2 IMG_5407-2 IMG_5414-2 IMG_5418-2 IMG_5421-2 IMG_5426-2 IMG_5459-2 IMG_5470_pp-2 IMG_5472-2 IMG_5488-2 IMG_5490-2 IMG_5496-2 IMG_5503-2 IMG_5525-2 IMG_5534_pp-2 IMG_5539-2 IMG_5542-2 IMG_5550-2 IMG_5554-2

William & Allie – Surprise Proposal!

I had the pleasure of capturing William’s surprise proposal to his girlfriend Allie in front of the romantic Fountains of Bellagio!  Allie was incredibility surprised! It was such a loving moment between these two love birds! I had a great time getting to know these two as we walking around The Strip for their engagement photo shoot! Allie has already planned a wedding here in Vegas on 07/07/17! Congrats you two! Enjoy! ;)

IMG_4658-2 IMG_4657-2 IMG_4667-2 IMG_4697-2 IMG_4710-2 IMG_4716-2 IMG_4733-2 IMG_4743-2 IMG_4747-2 IMG_4756-2 IMG_4760-2 IMG_4771-2 IMG_4776-2 IMG_4788-2 IMG_4799-2 IMG_4801-2 IMG_4813-2 IMG_4820-2 IMG_4824-2 IMG_4860-2


Smash Cake!

Ahhhh Red Rock. What a beautiful area for pictures. I had the pleasure of taking family pictures at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park followed by SMASH CAKE photos at Red Springs in Calico Basin! I actually had no idea was “smash cake” pictures were until Jessica contacted me for pictures! Smash cake pictures are just capturing the tradition of babies 1st birthday playing in their cake! We had a ton of fun! Enjoy! ;)

IMG_4302-2 IMG_4310-2 IMG_4313-2 IMG_43241-2 IMG_4347-2 IMG_4350-2

IMG_4358-2 IMG_4391-2 IMG_4415-2 IMG_4433-2 IMG_4464-2 IMG_4487-2 IMG_4494-2 IMG_4507-2 IMG_4542-2 IMG_4588-2 IMG_4597-2 IMG_44391-2 IMG_45621-2

Leaving Las Vegas

Hrmmm…what do I say about my favorite family and our “last” photo shoot together? This wonderful family has been with me since I first started my photography business. I have watched these two beautiful little girls grow up over the last few years…and now they are moving to Iowa! It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Candice and her family! I wish them all the best with their move and hope they know that many people (including myself) will miss them terribly! Good Luck you guys! VIA LAS VEGAS! Enjoy ;)

IMG_3985-2 IMG_3996-2 IMG_4018-2 IMG_4034-2 IMG_4059-2 IMG_4069-2 IMG_4100-2 IMG_4132-2 IMG_4204-2 IMG_4214-2 IMG_4231-2 IMG_4263-2 IMG_4268-2 IMG_4277-2 IMG_4290-2 IMG_4293-2