Nancy & Dapple

Nancy and Dapple are two peas in a pod! Dapple is 12 years old and still feisty as ever! Well, maybe feisty isn’t the word to use, but she definitely had a ton of energy on this photo shoot! We tried forever to get her to lay down, but she would have none of it! Such a cute pup. Enjoy! ;)

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Prints now AVAILABLE!

I am so happy and please to announce printing services!!

These prints come from one of the best professional photo labs in Las Vegas! I have been going to this studio for years and have always been 110% satisfied with their work and am very excited to work with them!

Forget those Wal-Greens Kodak kiosks…get professional prints!

For more information, please see my “Prints” tab at the top of this post!

I can’t wait to see your photos come to life! ;)