Cass – Before the Wedding

I had the honor of photographing Miss Cassandra a few hours before she said “I Do”.  Cass, her 2 sisters, and a few close friends were so much fun to hang out with! Many fun laughs were shared as I was capturing precious moments leading up to her special day! Congrats, Cass! You looked beautiful! Enjoy ;)

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Martinez Wedding

Alejandra and Alfredo are two love birds I had the pleasure of photographing.  Their wedding was held at a beautiful golf course here in Las Vegas.  I loved the bright yellow colors, festive family, and the opportunity to capture true love and its finest! Congratulations again, Alejandra and Alfredo! Enjoy ;)

IMG_0946-2 IMG_0960-2 IMG_0978-2 IMG_1013-2 IMG_1051-3 IMG_1057-2 IMG_1178-2 IMG_1230-2 IMG_1255-2 IMG_1299-2 IMG_1315-2 IMG_1329-2 IMG_1341-2 IMG_1386-2 IMG_1406-2_pp IMG_1417-2 IMG_1433-2 IMG_1456-2 IMG_1466-2 IMG_1472-2