Eric and Melanie – Surprise Proposal!

Oh…my…gosh! This is the most sweetest thing I’ve ever captured on film! Eric emailed me asking if I’d capture the moment he when he surprises his girlfriend (now fiance!) with a wedding proposal! His plan was to propose to her while on the gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel, while her family holds signs over a bridge saying “Melanie, will you marry me?” She was so surprised! It was wonderful! The plan went off without a hitch!! It was perfect! I wish Eric and Melanie all the best!

IMG_9063a IMG_9066a IMG_9102a IMG_9111a IMG_9129a IMG_9160a IMG_9170a IMG_9201a IMG_9209a IMG_9287a IMG_9299a IMG_9310a IMG_9330a IMG_9333a IMG_9339a IMG_9392a IMG_9395a

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