Holiday Photo Shoot!

Hi all! I went up to Mt. Charleston today to take holiday photos of my friend Fallon and her boyfriend Jeremy. It was breathtaking up there! It truly was a winter wonderland! It took us a little while to find a place that we could park that wasn’t completely crowded…..and once we did…the fun began! I even had them snap pictures of me and my boyfriend James too! ENJOY! Happy Holidays!

Fallon & Jeremy

IMG_0089a IMG_0114a IMG_0124a IMG_0142a IMG_0146a IMG_0222a IMG_0235a IMG_0266a IMG_0280a

Me & James

IMG_0177a IMG_0180a IMG_0183a IMG_0185a IMG_0187a IMG_0190a IMG_0196a IMG_0212a IMG_0213a IMG_0307a IMG_0318a

And just for fun….

IMG_0255a IMG_0310a

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