Scott & Katie – Sims Wedding

Scott and Katie got married at Lake Las Vegas this past Saturday.  These two have actually been married for about a year, but wanted to celebrate their wonderful marriage with family and friends. Scott and Katie were so much fun to work with – both were very outgoing and loved to laughed! Congrats to you both! Enjoy 😉

IMG_6623 IMG_6705 IMG_6642 IMG_6700 IMG_6800 IMG_6849 IMG_6870 IMG_6877 IMG_6944 IMG_7031 IMG_7041 IMG_7053 IMG_7080 IMG_7099 IMG_7112 IMG_7203



One thought on “Scott & Katie – Sims Wedding

  1. Aloha Erin,were you going to e-mail a link for the rest of the photos,or mail DVD, not feeling very computer literate was unable to tag photos for fb. Mahalo Lorraine

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