Trey and Taylor: Surprise Proposal

This gorgeous gorgeous couple is from Mississippi.  Trey contacted me a few weeks ago to set up this surprise proposal! He did it a 5pm right when the Fountains of Bellagio started dancing! It was one of the most beautiful moments! Taylor was totally surprised and in shock! The poor thing was shaking a good 5 mins after he slipped that beautiful ring on her finger! They were such a wonderful couple and I enjoyed working with them very much! Best wishes you guys! Enjoy! 😉

IMG_5299-2 IMG_5300-2 IMG_5304-2 IMG_5308-2 IMG_5317-2 IMG_5323-2 IMG_5329-2 IMG_5331-2 IMG_5344-2 IMG_5356-2 IMG_5406-2 IMG_5414-2 IMG_5419-2 IMG_5431-2 IMG_5449-2 IMG_5454-2 IMG_5458-2 IMG_5467-2 IMG_5484-2 IMG_5505-2 IMG_5533-2 IMG_5545-2


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