Lizzy & Rob – Maternity Photos

Today, I had the honor of taking pictures of my BEST FRIEND of 10+ years and her husband right before she pops! Lizzy is pregnant with twins and is due in September. We went to Calico Basin and were pleasantly surprised by the cool weather! I love you Lizzy…for always! Enjoy!

IMG_7337-2 IMG_7354-2 IMG_7373-2  IMG_7427-2 IMG_7400 IMG_7450-2 IMG_7474-2 IMG_7479_pp-2 IMG_7493-2 IMG_7509-2 IMG_7516-2 IMG_7531-2 IMG_7567_pp-2 IMG_7607-2 IMG_7610-2 IMG_7638-2 IMG_7696-2 IMG_7716-2 IMG_7762-2

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