Rachael & Mark – Married!

I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Rachel and Mark! I nearly had a heart attack when the zipper on her dress broke…but BRAIDEMAIDS to the rescue! They worked on the broken zipper for about 25 minutes until they decided to sew the dress on her! Her dress came out fantastic! We lost quite a bit of light for the ceremony, but everything worked out beautifully! Congrats you two love birds! Enjoy this sneak peak! 😉


IMG_9825 IMG_9830 IMG_9838-2 IMG_9841-2 IMG_9871-2 IMG_9877-2 IMG_9885-2 IMG_9991-2 IMG_0017-2 IMG_0067-2 IMG_0087-2 IMG_0091-2 IMG_0094-2 IMG_0136-2 IMG_0189-2 IMG_0199-2 IMG_0257-2 IMG_0368-2 IMG_0538-2 IMG_0559-2 IMG_0586-2 IMG_0594-2 IMG_0600-2 IMG_0679-2 IMG_0688-2 IMG_0689-2 IMG_0690-2 IMG_0695-2 IMG_0821-2 IMG_0860-2 IMG_0877-2 IMG_0949-2 IMG_0961-2 IMG_1248-2 IMG_1254-2


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