Danielle & Robert – Maternity Photo Shoot

These two love birds are expecting their first little bundle of joy in November! These pictures were taken at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and the weather was perfect for the mama-to-be! We had so many laugh and giggles along the way that made for a very fun photo shoot. I loved all the props that we used that really made these photos stand out. I LOVE fall decorations and it fit really well with the ranch style shoot. I can’t wait to take pictures of Jayce when he is finally born! Congrats to you both! Thank you for letting me to part of your baby journey! Enjoy! 😉

IMG_2845-2 IMG_2859-2 IMG_2908-2 IMG_2931-2 IMG_2935-2 IMG_2952-2 IMG_2965-2 IMG_2971-2 IMG_2980-2 IMG_2992-2 IMG_2994-2 IMG_3005-2 IMG_3012-2 IMG_3050-2 IMG_3069-2 IMG_3086-2 IMG_3100-2 IMG_3104-2 IMG_3110-2 IMG_3131-2 IMG_3137-2 IMG_3154-2 IMG_3164-2 IMG_3186-2 IMG_3201-2

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