Shaun & Vanessa

Aren’t these two the cutest couple EVER?! We went to Red Rock for the photo shoot and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful! Well, I was actually very cold but they are from Canada…so they were pretty much not even phased by the Vegas “winter”. They are getting married October 2015 at Niagara Falls! I wish these two the very best! Enjoy! 😉


IMG_9024-2 IMG_9042_pp-2 IMG_9047_pp-2 IMG_9054-2 IMG_9062_pp-2 IMG_9100-2 IMG_9117-2 IMG_9128-2  IMG_9174-2 IMG_9193-2 IMG_9196-2 IMG_9202-2 IMG_9203-2 IMG_9211-2 IMG_9224-2 IMG_9244-2 IMG_9254-2 IMG_9266-2 IMG_9279-2 IMG_90661-2 IMG_90831-2 IMG_90891-2 IMG_91231-2 IMG_91381-2 IMG_91511-2 IMG_9160-2

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