Brach & Talitha – MARRIED!

I had a ball shooting the pre-wedding and after ceremony pictures for Brock and Talitha! These two love birds are from So Cal and came to Vegas to have a fun laid back wedding! These pics are so much fun and really shows their crazy personalities! You don’t know fun until you walk on The Strip in a wedding dress! You never know what people are going to say! Thank you for letting me spend the day with you guys! Congrats you two! Enjoy! 😉 (Talitha – that green window was the devil! Hahaha!)

IMG_1185-2  IMG_1189-2 IMG_1193-2 IMG_1215-2 IMG_1312-2 IMG_1319-2 IMG_1369-2 IMG_1451-2 IMG_1485-2 IMG_1494-2 IMG_1507-2 IMG_1516-2 IMG_1521-2 IMG_1533-2 IMG_1539_pp-2 IMG_1570-2 IMG_1574-2 IMG_1589-2 IMG_1610-2 IMG_1645-2 IMG_1668-2

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