I had the wonderful pleasure of taking a pictures of adoptable dogs for Babes With Bullies! All of these dogs are sooooo sweet and in need of a FOREVER home! If you are interested in any of these amazing dogs or have any questions, please contact myself or Taylor Murray at 702-494-7902! Enjoy 😉

Let me introduce you to…


IMG_0061-2 IMG_0050-2 IMG_0044-2 IMG_0040-2


IMG_0067-2 IMG_0073-2 IMG_0083-2 IMG_0094-2


IMG_0105-2 IMG_0140-2 IMG_0147-2 IMG_0151-2


IMG_0162-2 IMG_0204-2 IMG_0211-2 IMG_0236-2


IMG_0245-2 IMG_0254-2 IMG_0257-2 IMG_0259-2


IMG_0284-2 IMG_0292-2 IMG_0312-2




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