Avila Wedding

I had the wonderful pleasure of taking a little road trip to Tempe, Arizona for this wedding! The weather was beautiful on this Saturday and love filled the air! I wish Ron and Angelia happiness on their new adventure as Husband and Wife! Congrats you two! Enjoy 😉

IMG_109211-2 IMG_1108-2 IMG_1138-2 IMG_1152-2 IMG_1167-2 IMG_1177-2 IMG_1212-2 IMG_1215-2 IMG_1227-2 IMG_1271-2 IMG_1275-2 IMG_1293-2 IMG_1308-2 IMG_1315-2 IMG_1323-2 IMG_1326-2 IMG_1329-2 IMG_1346-2 IMG_1371-2 IMG_1389-2 IMG_1411-2 IMG_1418-2 IMG_1434-2 IMG_1450-2 IMG_1490-2 IMG_1495-2 IMG_1525-2 IMG_1529-2 IMG_1558-2 IMG_1604-2 IMG_1617-2 IMG_1622-2 IMG_1628-2 IMG_1636-2 IMG_1640-2 IMG_1700-2 IMG_1871-2

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