Dustin & Jenny – Surprise Proposal!

Oh how I love surprise proposals! Dustin asked his girlfriend (now fiancé!) Jenny to marry him at the botanical gardens at the Bellagio! I’m slick like the paparazzi, so she had no idea I was there waiting for the moment! We had so much fun walking around and getting to know each other! I wish you guys all the best with your future and wedding planning! Yay! Enjoy! 😉

IMG_2267-2 IMG_227011-2 IMG_2272-2 IMG_2278-2 IMG_2294-2 IMG_2301-2 IMG_2312-2 IMG_2319-2 IMG_2323-2 IMG_2335-2 IMG_2340-2 IMG_2348-2 IMG_2353-2 IMG_2392-2 IMG_2400-2 IMG_2414-2 IMG_2441-2 IMG_2446-2 IMG_2455-2

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