Jake & Shanelle – MARRIED!

Wow….were do I start!? I absolutely fell IN LOVE with this bridal party! We got so many awesome shots on Fremont Street during their wedding reception at Pizza Rock. Nicole (my new assistant) and I had a BLAST hanging out and taking pictures for 2 hours! They were such a fun, bright, and spirited bunch to be around!  Getting the folks on Fremont Street to part like the Red Sea was epic. Got such great shots! I wish Jake and the beautiful Shanelle much happiness on their new chapter as Husband and Wife! Congrats you two! Enjoy 😉


IMG_3006-3 IMG_3034-2 IMG_3040-2 IMG_3077-2 IMG_3063-4 IMG_3081-2 IMG_3084-2 IMG_3100-2 IMG_3269-2 IMG_3292-2 IMG_3297-2 IMG_3316-2 IMG_3341-2 IMG_3357-2




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