Bristol & Aubrey – Married!

Bristol and Aubrey had a beautiful wedding at their home right here in Las Vegas. Aubrey decorated and desgined her WHOLE WEDDING! And let me tell ya, it was gorgeous! She took so much time in the every single detail…it was simply breathtaking! I wish Bristol and Aubrey and lifetime of happiness!  Enjoy 😉

IMG_5583-2 IMG_5704-2 IMG_5589-2 IMG_5602-2 IMG_5662-2 IMG_5784-2 IMG_5621-2 IMG_5623-2 IMG_5626-2 IMG_5648-2 IMG_5649-2 IMG_5651-2 IMG_5660-2 IMG_5718-2 IMG_5740-2 IMG_5745-2 DSC_0008 (3) DSC_0028 (3) DSC_0097 (3) IMG_5815-2 IMG_5863-2 IMG_5880-2 IMG_5902-2 IMG_5905-2 IMG_5914-2 IMG_5932-2 IMG_5942-2 IMG_5946-2 IMG_5971-2 IMG_5977-2 IMG_6005-2 IMG_6011-2 IMG_6120-2 IMG_6044-2 DSC_0272 (2) IMG_6029 IMG_6137-2 IMG_6031 IMG_6108 IMG_6132 IMG_6133



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