Trash the Dress!

On her 25th Wedding Anniversary to her wonderful Husband, Ronda decided she wanted to do a “trash the dress” photo shoot at the Garden of the God Pool at Caesars Palace. Once the pool was closed, we had it all to ourselves for this fun photo shoot! I wish Ronda and her hubby 25 more years of wedding bliss! Enjoy! 😉

IMG_7823-2 IMG_7832-2 IMG_7850-2 IMG_7875-2 IMG_7894_pp-3 IMG_7903_pp-3 IMG_7907-2 IMG_7911-2 IMG_7932-2 IMG_7997-2 IMG_79671-2 IMG_79871-2 IMG_8006-2  IMG_8033-2 IMG_8059-2 IMG_8092-2 IMG_8115-2 IMG_8117-2

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