Patrick, Kathy, Monica, & Chuck!

Social media is amazing. I’ve been able to keep in touch with friends and their family on Facebook! I was reunited with the parents and brother of one of my best friends from middle school! Patrick and Kathy got hitched in Vegas this past weekend, and Monica and Chuck were married in Vegas more then 20 years ago! I was able to capture the new love birds as well as the reminiscing love birds! It was great being able to catch up with my second family when I was a teenager! Enjoy! 😉

IMG_8648-2 IMG_8653_pp-2 IMG_8668-2 IMG_8675-2 IMG_8682-2 IMG_8691-2 IMG_8694-2 IMG_8700-2 IMG_8708-2 IMG_8711-2 IMG_8712-2 IMG_8716-2 IMG_8723_pp-2 IMG_8736-2 IMG_8739-2 IMG_8743-2 IMG_8767-2 IMG_87341-2 IMG_87211-2 IMG_87461-2 IMG_87591-2 IMG_87601_pp-2 IMG_8769-2 IMG_8776-3

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