Shaun and Vanessa – MARRIED!

I took Shaun and Vanessa’s engagement photos at Red Rock this past Spring. We totally hit it off and became amazing friends! I was absolutely honored when they asked me to be their wedding photographer for their fall wedding in CANADA! Canada is such a beautiful place! I took about 11 hours worth of pictures, and just wanted to upload a few pictures of Vanessa getting ready 😉 Tease Part 1! 😉

IMG_1945 IMG_1952 IMG_1965 IMG_2018 IMG_2043 IMG_2059 IMG_2076 IMG_2085 IMG_2092 IMG_2095 IMG_2123 IMG_2131 IMG_2139 IMG_2149 IMG_2213 IMG_2227 IMG_2229 IMG_2241 IMG_2259 IMG_2266 IMG_2275 IMG_2298 IMG_2307

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