Adrian & Heather – MARRIED!

Adrian and Heather were married this past November at Calico Basin in Red Rock.  Heather’s Mom and I are neighbors, and I pretty much consider then my adopted family.  I was so happy when they ask me do be their photographer for their wedding! I wish Adrian and Heather all the best in their new journey as Husband and Wife in 2016! Enjoy! 😉

IMG_0318 IMG_0441 IMG_0482 IMG_0494 IMG_0508 IMG_0521 IMG_0538 IMG_0545 IMG_0569 IMG_0593 IMG_0616 IMG_0646 IMG_0652 IMG_0656 IMG_0664 IMG_0697 IMG_8945 IMG_8941 IMG_040311 IMG_047222 IMG_047911 IMG_048711 IMG_881811 IMG_883311 IMG_886311 IMG_889511 IMG_891311 IMG_892911 IMG_893511 IMG_896611


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