Smash Cake!

Ahhhh Red Rock. What a beautiful area for pictures. I had the pleasure of taking family pictures at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park followed by SMASH CAKE photos at Red Springs in Calico Basin! I actually had no idea was “smash cake” pictures were until Jessica contacted me for pictures! Smash cake pictures are just capturing the tradition of babies 1st birthday playing in their cake! We had a ton of fun! Enjoy! 😉

IMG_4302-2 IMG_4310-2 IMG_4313-2 IMG_43241-2 IMG_4347-2 IMG_4350-2

IMG_4358-2 IMG_4391-2 IMG_4415-2 IMG_4433-2 IMG_4464-2 IMG_4487-2 IMG_4494-2 IMG_4507-2 IMG_4542-2 IMG_4588-2 IMG_4597-2 IMG_44391-2 IMG_45621-2