Shaun & Vanessa

Aren’t these two the cutest couple EVER?! We went to Red Rock for the photo shoot and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful! Well, I was actually very cold but they are from Canada…so they were pretty much not even phased by the Vegas “winter”. They are getting married October 2015 at Niagara Falls! I wish these two the very best! Enjoy! 😉


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Trey and Taylor: Surprise Proposal

This gorgeous gorgeous couple is from Mississippi.  Trey contacted me a few weeks ago to set up this surprise proposal! He did it a 5pm right when the Fountains of Bellagio started dancing! It was one of the most beautiful moments! Taylor was totally surprised and in shock! The poor thing was shaking a good 5 mins after he slipped that beautiful ring on her finger! They were such a wonderful couple and I enjoyed working with them very much! Best wishes you guys! Enjoy! 😉

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Kakar and Angeli: Surprise Proposal

I had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know and photographing this beautiful couple! Kakar had told me that we wanted to propose to his girlfriend while taking pictures, and at the very end of the photo shoot, he was determined to find this one spot at Caesars Palace. When he found this pretty area, away from most of the public, he bent down on one knee, and surprised Angeli! I love taking these pictures! I love being able to capture these precious moments. I wish Kakar and Angeli all the happiness in the world! They were so sweet and lovely. Enjoy 😉

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