Leaving Las Vegas

Hrmmm…what do I say about my favorite family and our “last” photo shoot together? This wonderful family has been with me since I first started my photography business. I have watched these two beautiful little girls grow up over the last few years…and now they are moving to Iowa! It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Candice and her family! I wish them all the best with their move and hope they know that many people (including myself) will miss them terribly! Good Luck you guys! VIA LAS VEGAS! Enjoy 😉

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Shaun & Vanessa

Aren’t these two the cutest couple EVER?! We went to Red Rock for the photo shoot and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful! Well, I was actually very cold but they are from Canada…so they were pretty much not even phased by the Vegas “winter”. They are getting married October 2015 at Niagara Falls! I wish these two the very best! Enjoy! 😉


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